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Afforestation of agricultural land (landscape project in Central Bohemia)

 The project of afforestation of agricultural land was carried out as part of our long-term landscape project. The first phase took place in autumn 2014. The composition of species was designed to be similar to oak-hornbeam forests, which are natural in this area.
All the trees are of Czech origin (certificate of origin is documented). The spacing between individual trees is slightly irregular and spaces for future clearings have been considered as well. The ground was sown with grass-herb mixture that prevents ruderal plants from overgrowing. Planted trees are significantly bigger than is usual for afforestation. Boundaries of the forest are formed by shrubs (dogwood, honeysuckle, Ligustrum vulgare and dog rose). All of the plantings were carefully protected and anchored, as this is an open area in the countryside where we have to take into account the threat of extreme weather conditions, wildlife etc.

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