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Žatec Town Walls

The focus of the ‘Žatec Town Walls’ project is the space along the defensive walls surrounding the town’s historic core. More specifically, the project involves the slopes just below the actual defensive walls and the retaining walls on the perimeter of the town’s heritage preservation zone. The project defines local activity centres downhill from the walls. These are interconnected by a logically designed circular pathway which is part of a pathway network connecting the project area with the rest of the town. The local centres are meant as future hubs of the town’s public life.

The project offers a comprehensive solution for the pathway network, the furniture, the lighting and the vegetation, using a unified set of materials. When working on the project, we looked for strong characters in the area, defined difficult spots and found ways to make them accessible and connected with the surrounding urban fabric, while also adhering to the principles of heritage care.

The project will be implemented in three stages.



Project date

Project 2019


Žatec city

General planner

Ing. Štěpánka Šmídová

Our work

Project to revitalize the town walls in Žatec


RNDr. David Hořák, PhD., katedra ekologie PřF U, visualization: neoVISUAL

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