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Area development strategy – Jesenice biocorridor

Jesenice is a town comprising several historic municipalities surrounded by landscape, farm land, forests, groves and all other traditional elements of a Central Bohemian landscape.

That is why we are creating a concept of green landscape areas which will connect both people and nature. In cooperation with a biologist, we propose measures to revitalize watercourses, plant trees and shrubs and establish grasslands.

Bank meadows will be dressed with wetlands and water biotopes (water holes) which will not only promote biodiversity but also significantly improve its microclimate and increase the amount of water fed by the streams. In today’s world, quality of water has suffered due to waste water dumping and nutrients and topsoil washed off nearby fields. Solution can be found in restoring naturally curved and shallow riverbeds and fighting field erosion. Such solutions will provide a variety of biotopes for wildlife and various birds by offering them enough natural protection.

The whole area will be connected with paths and equipped with furniture or playground elements.



Project date

project 2018


Jesenice municipality


biological recovery: Lukáš Merta, landscape rendering: neoVISUAL

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