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Astrid Centre

The Astrid Centre is a new development combining residential units and an administrative building. The project is situated in an inner courtyard, an urbanistic feature typical of this part of Prague. The courtyard itself is divided into a public part and a private part. The project design places an emphasis on the recreational aspect, equipping the public space with furniture, play structures, bollard lights and an area with fountain jets.

The public part, with decorative plantations of perennials, grasses and trees, is separated from private front gardens by hedges; the walls will be covered with vines which, due to the size of the building, will become a distinctive element of the parterre. To make the private front gardens more intimate, we have chosen trimmed hedges. As this is a closed space, we have selected conspicuous herbaceous and tree species.

To make use of every square metre suitable for planting, we have designed extensive green roofs. There, the vegetation is visually in balance with the vegetation of the parterre, but is mixed and its character is more natural.



Project date

project 2019


Immo Future 6

General planner

Bogle Architects

Our work

landscape architecture


visualisation: Bogle Architects

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