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Housing Pergamenka / Ferona

Architect: A69 – architekti s.r.o. – Boris Redčenkov, Prokop Tomášek, Jaroslav Wertig

Housing Pergamenka is a multifunctional complex with predominant housing function. The site is located in Holešovice district of Prague and is defined by a block between the Vrbenského, Argentinský, Jankovcova, and U Pergamenky streets. The project involves a conversion of a brownfield area within the Ferona complex where industry and housing are combined with success.

The new planting design highlights the character of the piazzetta, the industrial garden, and the new walkways passing through the structure of a former warehousing facility. The basic concept of the design covers two dimensions. Horizontal – such as lawns and ground-cover plantings – and vertical: trees and climbers.

Climbing plants represent a unifying element of greenery; they climb up and cover the stripped steel structure of the hall.


Prague 7 - Holešovice

Project date

project 2017 - 2020, realisation 2023


FINEP Holešovice a.s.

General planner

Building, spol. s r.o.

Our work

landscape architecture


cooperation: Jitka Macáková, Tomáš Koňařík, Jan Rosický, Kateřina Hrabcová, Martin Fornůsek, foto: Ester Havlová, Jiří Horník

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