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Herold’s park

Heroldovy Sady Park is a green area in the center of Vršovice, which is widely used by the inhabitants of the quarter to walk dogs, as well as the students of the nearby college to relax. The park needed renovation, so it was revitalized according to our proposal. There has been particular modification of the road network, including the construction of new paved surfaces and seating areas. It’s been also added new furniture and public lighting. Vegetation adjustments consist only of the revitalization of the lawn, the cultivation measures on the existing greenery and the planting of several new trees.


Prague 10

Project date

project 2014 - 2015, realization 2016 - 2017


Praha 10 municipality


geodetic survey: D. Pomahač, traffic engineering: VIA - projektový dopravní ateliér, water resource management: Fortina Projekt, technical infrastructure: Růžička a partneři, landscape rendering: neoVISUAL

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