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Kladno Americká

On this site in Kladno, the purpose of the project is not only to design houses for living, but also to find the right identity.

The site, neglected in the past, is situated in close proximity to the train station building and the area in front of the station. We propose to make full use of this potential and present the Kladno Americká site as a publicly accessible development with intimate community spaces and a distinctive visual appeal, using recycled materials from the original brownfield. The set of buildings is a mosaic of architectural solutions that are linked by the materials used and the organisation of the urban layout.

The design functions as an organic whole, creating spatial connections between the areas used for leisure activities, the retail units and the urban spaces.

The design is based on the concept of “urban wilderness” consisting of existing vegetation (which, to the greatest extent possible, we preserve and support in its self-regulating abilities) and recycled distinctive elements – concrete panels, concrete rubble and depressions in the local terrain. These depressions, characteristic of mining areas, are multifunctional elements that can become water surfaces, both temporary (in the form of dry polders) and permanent.

The area is divided into individual functional spaces – community, leisure with game elements, private, etc. These spaces are connected by simple paths resembling multicoloured ribbons. The main connecting element between the individual spaces and their surroundings is a cycle path crossing the project area.



Project date

competition 2023


JRD Group a.s.

General planner

architecture – Boele s.r.o., landscape – L&SCAPE s.r.o.

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