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Letná Park – former funicular area

Letná is a unique park area which plays an irreplaceable role in the system of Prague’s parks. The corner which is the focus of the project design currently serves as a public park. The focal point is the area with the remains of what used to be the upper funicular station, with a fragment of old steel railings, a part of an old stone staircase and several retaining walls. The project aims to find a new use for this historic site and create a new point of interest in the Letná Park.

The project design for the area of the former upper funicular station involves creating a new scenic viewpoint and a reminder of the history of the funicular station. For the lookout itself, a stone field has been used to reinforce the slope, creating a step that visitors can use to sit on and enjoy the views. The materials have been selected in a way that makes it easy to distinguish between original, restored elements and new additions. The lookout is lighted using warm, ambient LED light.

The design also includes a long, linear steel element embedded in the terrain, showing important dates and facts from the history of the funicular.



Project date

project 2016 - 2018, realisation 2019


Prague city

General planner

Šmídová Landscape Architects, s.r.o.

Our work

Conversion torsion of original funicular station to a new scenic viewpoint


K. Lorenz jr., K. Lorenz, NV Engineering, Questima, H. Holakovská, neoVISUAL

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