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Medard Lake

The Medard Lake is a former quarry turned into a lake, which has become an important landmark and a place for various leisure activities due to its excellent water quality.

The whole area is part of an undulated landscape, offering far views. This is why it is important for us to create links between the lake area and its surroundings. We look at the natural environment surrounding the former quarry to see what the lake area looked like before mining changed the face of the landscape, and what we want to bring back.

In doing this, we put an emphasis not only on human needs, but also on increasing biodiversity and creating habitats for more animal species.  This is why the choice of plants for our project design is based on indigenous vegetation, including herbaceous plants and grasses. This gives the area a very natural character and creates a close link with the surrounding natural environment.

The project includes development along the shoreline, creating two important linear structures: a promenade and an access road next to the forest. These take the visitor to a hotel, a restaurant and another accommodation facility with a recreation area.


Habartov, Sokolov district

Project date

study 2019


Sokolovská uhelná, právní nástupce, a.s. /SUAS/

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