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Project (Private)

New Office and Storage Building for the Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences


The landscape design for the ground floor follows up on the existing single-species line of trees, breaking the pattern with the addition of new species.



We see the space adjacent to the building entrance and the inner courtyard as the two centres of the project area. The first space is more dynamic and permeable, separated from the street with vegetation – a separation that is rather psychological than an actual barrier. We propose a mixture of perennials and grasses supplemented with solitary shrubs which give the plantings a clear structure.


Inner courtyard

We use similar elements in the inner courtyard, which will, however be a more quiet space. The vegetation here is the same height, but includes also small, multi-stemmed trees.



The character of the BROOF(t3) certification roof vegetation follows on from the plantings of perennials and grasses. We have chosen a low-maintenance, self-regulating mixture.


Prague 8

Project date

project 2024


Fyzikální ústav AV ČR, v.v.i (Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences)

General planner

Bogle Architects s.r.o. (architectural design), Energy Benefit Centre a.s. (project engineer)

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landscape architecture

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