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Public transport terminal, Jablonec nad Nisou

Designing a solution for the area adjacent to the new public transport terminal is an integral part of the brief which aims to cultivate the space for visitors and local people.

The design makes the space more liveable and creates a more attractive leisure programme, so that visitors can use it beyond waiting for their tram or bus.


Emphasis is placed on the Lužická Nisa river, with a linear landscape composition of the surrounding terrain, incorporating a new tram line and a new bridge. We make both river banks walkable along the stream.


The design uses local materials and vegetation, does not change the river regime and works with the existing terrain morphology.

We give the right bank an urban character, corresponding to the design of the terminal, and create a significant leisure area next to the river; stairs connect the levels of the terminal and the river.

The left bank is more of a park, a soft-surfaced area with a main cobbled walkway and generous stone steps leading to the river.

A new bridge over the Nisa river is a significant element of the design, following up on the design language of the terminal buildings and enabling quick access to the 5. května Street from the platforms. The bridge is essentially designed as part of transport infrastructure for the new tram turning loop, but the design also includes a public space element with large trees and street furniture, reminiscent of a carpet runner, to be used by pedestrians. The space under the bridge features a bouldering wall, is walkable on both banks, and its dominant colour is yellow, to create an artistic connection between the two banks. An opening in the bridge deck, which makes it possible to see the space below, is an interesting design feature as well as a natural surveillance element.

Project date

project 2023


Jablonec nad Nisou Municipal Authority

General planner

DMNK, s.r.o., L&SCAPE, s.r.o.

Our work

landscape architecture


building part: DOMYJINAK inženýři, s.r.o., biology: Mgr. Jan Albert Šturma, bridge structure: Stráský, Hustý a partneři, s.r.o.

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