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Renovation of the garden: Podzámecká zahrada, Kroměříž

The main project’s objective is a restoration of landscape heritage elements located at the Archbishop Chateau in Kroměříž and also general revitalization of branched watercourse system. Essential part of the solution is conservation and stabilization of current garden form that evolved continually by introducing new elements through different art history styles. Watercourses and water surfaces are restored back to their original form, adding necessary functional elements. Part of the project is also object restoration of historical colonnade Pompejánská kolonáda and stone round fountain nearby. Prior to work, there was a need to study in detail input materials including extensive collection of historical photos, building and technical surveys and laboratory analyses. Fundamental for our work are just as well cross-disciplinary discussions with other professionals. Part of the project focused on restoring breeding facilities for aquatic birds, including the design of modular bird boxes. At several places in the garden we propose new jetties to allow access to the water.



Project date

project 2017, realisation 2022


Archbishopric of Olomouc


geodetic survey: Jurisgeo, water resource management: MV Projekt, building research: NV Engineering, structural engineering: STATIKA Olomouc, restoration research: R. Surma, R. Tikal, Houska & Douda, landscape rendering: neoVISUAL

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