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Šárka Valley / Vokovice

The Šárka Valley complex is originally a farmyard built in the 15th century. The residential project is composed of seven buildings. Two of them are historic buildings under heritage protection; the remaining five are newly built apartment houses.

Our choice of vegetation has been determined by the character of the place and the fact that a stone wall enclosing the space gives it the appearance of a private garden. This has been one of the determining factors for our selection of species, including gingko trees, paulownias, crab apple trees, and Hydrangea petiolaris to climb on the stone wall.

The parterre consists of a central space, accessible to the inhabitants of the complex, and private gardens.


Prague 6

Project date

project 2015 - 2016, realisation 2018



General planner

Bogle Architects

Our work

landscape architecture


visualisations: Studio Horák, photograph: Filip Šlapal a YellowCircle

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