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Smetana Square, Roudnice nad Labem

Smetana Square, currently a neglected public green space in the residential part of the town, is bounded by streets on all four sides. People living in the town do not use it frequently, which is why the Town Authority decided to revitalise it, creating a new public space that will be more functional and will attract more users.

The space is now characterised by poorly maintained, low-growing greenery and remains of old brick structures; the old trees have been removed due to their poor health, and were replaced by new plantings.

The revitalisation project focuses on greenery, while also adding a new pathway crossing the park and a bust of T. G. Masaryk, as well as creating several recreation zones.

Inspiration for the new vegetation, establishing a new visual identity, has been found in the flora of the Central Bohemian Highlands; a restrained and predictable selection of materials and colour tones has been used for the design.

The design works with symbolism, referring to Roudnice’s old ferruginous water source and the initials of composer Bedřich Smetana, after whom the park is named.


Roudnice nad Labem

Project date

project 2021, realisation 09/2022-04/2023


Roudnice nad Labem

General planner

Šmídová Landscape Architects

Our work

Revitalisation of the area including vegetation, paved areas and pathways, lighting, and furniture


visualisation: neoVISUAL; electrical installations: Draconis; traffic solutions: VIA - projektový a dopravní ateliér; project management guidelines: H. Holakovská; budgeting: V. Mrázek

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