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USCE Tower Two Belgrade

The landscape study of the Tower Two office building surroundings is based on the contrast of modern architecture and large areas of extensive perennial vegetation, which is walkable thanks to large-format slabs.

Extensive perennial mixtures are designed in large areas on the structure. The mixtures consist almost entirely of European botanical species with largely represented domestic species. Perennial mixture should have the year-round effect, so there are not only flowering plants, but also plants with ornamental leaves as well as plants with striking autumn berries, evergreen plants, and plants that make up a significant volume frame in winter.

This extensive mixture is not maintenance free, but the level of maintenance is significantly lower than for conventional perennial bed. The plantings are intervened only when necessary or in response to the current changes. It is mainly due to the selection of indigenous species that resemble natural plant communities with functioning autoregulation and plant sociability where relationships between plants should change over time. There is no need for artificial fertilization and irrigation.

The assortment is also selected with regard to the ecological aspect. Thanks to minimum maintenance, the plants have a chance to flourish not only the blossoms but also the seeds to ripen and dry naturally. The flowerbeds give food and shelter to many animals. Dry stalks, cavities and crevices are good places for overwintering of invertebrates. Ripe fruits and dry spikes serve as food and habitat for small birds in fall and winter. Flowerbeds can even serve as a shelter for rabbits and pheasants. Diversity of flowering species  serves as food source for bees, bumblebees, butterflies and other insects. The areas have similar function as a meadow.  Thus, the extensive flower beds are engaged in increasing the city’s biodiversity.

Last but not least, visual attractiveness of such a mixture is also highly important. It is based on a dynamic equilibrium and the natural beauty of the plant life cycle. It also promotes general public understanding of broader relationships in nature.


Belgrade (Serbia)

Project date

project 2016


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Chapman Taylor

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