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The park is indivisible from the neighbouring cultural centre and the concert hall.

Art is an integral part of the park: the sculptures form the identity of Milada Horáková Park.

People live and breathe art.

The new concert hall increases the cultural significance of the space which stretches towards the park, the park being its natural extension. This is where the centre of the park is situated.

We preserve the existing main axis of the park, ending with a water feature, and add secondary axes to connect important directions, as well as a romantic path shaped as a ribbon, which connects the individual sculptures and allows pedestrians to enjoy the different atmospheres of the park. Reflecting the Jewish cemetery, we use the circle as a symbol of eternity.

By creating a QR code-based information system we make existing sculptures accessible to the public, and enable the creation of new virtual pieces of art and connection with events held in the concert hall.

We add a new monumental play sculpture representing Milada Horáková – an abstract portrait made up of geometric segments.

An emphasis on environmental aspects is an integral part of the design. This is why we use a whole range of biotopes – from a water body and shrub structures to clumps of pieces of dead wood and herbaceous vegetation. The park must enable active use as well as the existence of environmentally valuable elements.



Project date

competition 2022


City of Ostrava

Our work

design concept for the park and its immediate surroundings


visualisation: neoVISUAL, sculptures: Skull Studio, traffic solutions: ETC, ecology: Jan Šturma, water management: MV Projekt

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