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Visualizations of project Villa Vokovice

We present you our design visualization of the inner courtyard of a residential complex Villa Vokovice, where we had the privilege of working with the studio Bogle Architects and real estate developer Daramis. Now the project is being prepared for realisation.

Modern private courtyard is bordered by new residential houses with the current baroque building in the forefront. The building is also newly revitalized for housing function. Genius loci is enhanced by a listed baroque stone wall that surrounds the property, and also defines private gardens of the villas. Landscaped area is only for residents.

Our proposal maintains the landscaping idea of shared courtyard, which has an impressive contemporary design while holding a garden character in particular by the use of ornamental plants. The flower beds have wavy texture of green grasses in a moderate combination of bulbs and perennials. We use trees with decorative leaves and fruits and cheerful blossoms such as ginkgo, paulownia, crab apple and cherry. Organic shapes of raised beds follow the natural moves of people and create logical framework of shared space at the interface of private gardens and public courtyard for residents. The seating elements are incorporated directly into the edge of a raised bed. Another design element is a refreshing water feature in the pavement with stepping-stones.
Visualization by Studio Horák.

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