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Landscape ecology. Proper water management. Sustainability that makes sense. We believe these are the cornerstones of landscape architecture; without them, design cannot be sustainable.

Healthy landscape is economical

When we design and select vegetation, we work with local conditions. We take into account altitude and soil type, and carefully consider water supply.

This helps us keep additional costs down because it is not necessary to invest into irrigation systems or constantly provide plant food; this also mitigates the risk of having to replace soil completely.

Water management is essential

Water is plays a crucial role, and is getting more and more expensive. We try to make sure we don’t lose it. We avoid water intensive vegetations, and our designs often feature detention basins, ponds and pools which help retain water in the landscape.

Thinking about the future

We always consider how demanding maintenance will be. We predict possible complications. We consult clients regarding their capacities and options.

Often, not much is needed to ensure that forests, meadows, parks and urban vegetation are healthy, easy to take care of and beautiful. Often, it is sufficient to be attentive and careful, and nature will take care of itself.


Since 2002, when our studio was established, we have delivered hundreds of different projects. Diversity of specialization can be proven by projects with landscaping or environmental focus including forest and pond restoration or settling pond revitalization.

We also have international experience from Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia and Morocco. Frequent cooperation with foreign studios inspires us and opens new approaches to landscape architecture.


We practise true landscape architecture. Be it parks, public spaces in towns or private gardens, our work will also be more than mere decoration. We use plants and other elements to create space with a clearly defined purpose.

We believe in interdisciplinary cooperation in creating landscape architecture. This helps us select materials, technologies and vegetation that truly fit. Our designs and implementation work as a whole, where every element plays its carefully designed part.

What do we do differently?

We design landscape. We work with space. We pride ourselves in specializing in a wide scale of landscaping. We design everything from rock gardens to reconstruction of the water system in a castle garden and urban forests and urban design. We create space. In nature, in the countryside, in cities and in industrial zones.

L&SCAPE / Náš tým

Ateliér spolupracuje s odborníky nejen na architekturu.

Štěpánka Endrle (Šmídová)

Landscape architect and founder of the studio

She graduated from Czech University of Life Sciences where she studied Agricultural Engineering – Gardening. She studied Garden and Landscape Architecture at Mendel University in Brno. During a study program at Universität für Bodenkultur in Vienna she discovered the Austrian approach to landscaping.

She tries to show to professionals and the public that landscape architecture has a significant influence on our daily lives. She believes that our surroundings deserve our attention. This is the reason why you can meet Štěpánka at a professional conference or a talk given by an expert.

She likes Monkey Business music band and classical music. She enjoys doing sports and she has been on Mount Sněžka at least a hundred times :-)


We might just be looking for new people to join our team. If you are interested, send us a few words about yourself and attach your CV and portfolio. We will let you know whether we are interested in some form of cooperation. It may be handy to have your portfolio also in the future, should we look for new team members. We are also interested in establishing cooperation with experts from related fields.

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T: +420 608 235 674

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