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Nový Eden / Prague 10 Culture House

The conceptual approach to the project embodies the idea of a building that is oriented to the future, a cultural container that is open and active for various purposes at all times of day. The building becomes part of the surrounding green space. The dividing line between the outdoors and the indoors is transparent, almost invisible. The landscaping design divides the space into functional zones to make it easily readable for the user and create the impression of something well-known and user-friendly. Efficient rainwater management aims to minimise runoff while, at the same time, maximising on-site water reuse. The use of rainwater to improve the growing conditions of trees and plants is a simple solution offering a long-term economic benefit. The primary effect consists in supporting long-lived and healthy vegetation, while also improving the city’s microclimate and the health of its inhabitants.

Building design author: Andrea Ravagnani Architects (ITA)


Prague 10

Project date

competition 2022 / advancing to 2nd round


Prague 10 Municipal District

General planner

Andrea Ravagnani Architects (ITA), Šmídová Landscape Architects

Our work

architectural / urban planning competition to find a project for the building of Nový Eden - Prague, Vršovice


traffic arrangements: European Transportation Consultancy, technical support: DELTAPLAN

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