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The Strategic Plan for the Prague Exhibition Grounds’ Greenery provides a comprehensive strategy and guidelines for public spaces in the exhibition complex.

The most important aspect of the proposed strategy is associated with the busy schedule of big events such as concerts, festivals and other cultural events which, to a large extent, represent the defining function of the area throughout the year. This is why emphasis is placed on the creation and maintenance of new grassy areas, including a strategy for their use that would allow for sustainable maintenance and enable regeneration of these areas even with the enormous pressure put on them during such large-scale events.

As another big change, the network of pathways will be renovated and a hierarchy of pathways will be introduced, similarly to the neighbouring Stromovka Park. Differences in importance will be associated with different surfaces and, visually, the pathways will be a unifying element between the exhibition complex and the Stromovka Park.

In the northern part of the complex, the terrain will be newly modelled to screen the area off from other functions, creating a new space that can be used for big events. A natural amphitheatre will be situated at the end of one of the most important historic axes of the Exhibition Grounds, providing a smaller space suitable, for example, for theatre performances against the backdrop of the historic exhibition halls and the Industrial Palace.

The project will include the renewal of a historic tree alley, existing in the times when the construction of the complex started, which had an east-west orientation and led from the Stromovka park towards the Křižík Pavilions.


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