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Mephared II Hradec Králové

The Mephared II project is the second stage of a project for a university campus attached to the University Hospital in Hradec Králové. Together with the existing Mephared I, the new buildings complete the ground plan of the campus and create the missing central space.

The parterre design is inspired by the alluvial landscape that used to dominate the space in the past, and traces of which are still visible in the surroundings. We have created new water bodies (which are part of the rainwater management system) and added substantial areas planted with wetland and shoreline vegetation, creating a new biotope for animal species.

The parterre is crossed by a distinct axis, with adjoining areas serving different functions: the square, pulsating with life, and the quieter, semi-private atria. The water bodies are surrounded by recreation areas offering views of the greenery.


Hradec Králové

Project date

study 2019


Charles University - Pharmaceutical faculty

General planner

Bogle Architects

Our work

landscape architecture


visualisation: Bogle Architects

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